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Medication Management App developed by United Medical Equipment Business Solutions Network, Inc. is the essential application for all health care professionals, caregivers, students, and family members with providing direct and indirect patient care and education. It provides 11 different functionalities within the convenience of one application, making it ideal for quick, well-informed (and potentially lifesaving) decision making on the go. The simplistic design enables users to meet our Vision and Mission – To help all consumers prevent medication errors by providing them with a more convenient and comprehensive option!

The different tools and features with our new app include:

  • Access to a medication/drug library for up to date information on medications and their indications, dosage, side effects, etc.
  • Identification tools for medications that are not within their original containers.
  • Conversion systems for Metric-US/Imperial quantities to include weight, temperature, volume, and height.
  • Dosage converter for active medications/treatments whether in the hospital or at home.
  • Access to CEUs for continuing education through Elite Healthcare at a discounted rate.
  • IV (intravenous) and Y-site compatibility checker for nurses or medical personnel taking care of patients with IV access.
  • HIPAA Secure Messenger for messaging/discussion between health care team members and staff, educators and students, and even family members at home wishing to keep private information protected.
  • One-click HIPAA compliant video conferencing to speak with the UMEBSNI Health Resources or allow clinical educators to clinical students.

Descriptions/Examples for app features:

  • Medication/Drug Guide: We offer a drug dictionary where you can get an overview of the medication, see possible side effects, dosage (how much of the medication should be taken and how often as prescribed), and possible interactions with other medications or food.
  • Pill Identifier: Identify a pill by inputting any markings, score marks, color, and shape.
  • Dosage Converter: Many medications are ordered to be given by a certain amount (mg) per weight (kg) over a certain period (hours or minutes).
  • Conversions: Examples:

    Weight = 2.2 pounds to 1kg

    Length/height = 1 inch to 2.5cm

    Volume = 1 ounce to 30 ml

    Temperature = 98.6 F to 37 C

  • Y-Site IV Compatibility: This app feature is very beneficial for nurses who are taking care of patients with one IV access. IV compatibility ensures that two medications that need to be infused at the same time in the one IV site have no interactions with each other for patient safety. For example, when you don’t want the medications to crystalize, coagulate, yield adverse effects, or decrease their effectiveness.
  • HIPAA compliant chat messaging and Tele-Health video conferencing!
  • Access to highly discounted CEU’s for healthcare providers!!

HIPAA Compliance:

Medication Management is 100% HIPAA compliant. With our enhanced and secured encryption platforms, any personal information is kept protected within the application. The app has multi-factor login protection, ensuring that any and all Health Protected Information (HPI) is kept where it belongs. For any questions regarding HIPAA and HPI, please visit

App Purchase:

Free Initial download for basic app functionalities. Upgrade to unlock professional functions for monthly subscription fee or discounted yearly fee.

This application is available on both iOS and Android platforms, making it readily accessible for everyone.

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Our Mission and Vision

To help all consumers prevent medication errors by providing them with a more convenient and comprehensive option—our Medication Management App.

For any questions or suggestions, please call 866-926-9786 or email us at

United Medical Equipment Business Solutions Network, Inc. strives to be the leading provider of high-quality, reliable, and transparent information and resources for our veterans and seniors. We provide the essential information that helps the community achieve optimal health and improve their quality of life. With our adherence and unparalleled knowledge with healthcare and the legal standards applicable, especially concerning the use of mobile phones and other devices for this app, we can reassure our consumers to receive a wholesome and user-friendly experience.

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