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The Right App for You
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Our Medication Management App has several features designed to meet your medication management needs. These features let you get an overview of the medications, deliver the correct medications, convert units for accuracy, make dosage calculation, and more.


Drug Guide
We offer a drug dictionary where you can get an overview of the medication, see possible side effects, dosage (how much of the medication should be taken and how often as prescribed), and possible interactions with other medications or food.
Pill Identifier
Identify a pill by inputting any markings, score marks, color, and shape.
Dosage Calculation
Many medications are ordered to be given by a certain amount (mg) per weight (kg) over a certain period (hours or minutes).
Weight = 2.2 pounds to 1kg
Length/height = 1 inch to 2.5cm
Volume = 1 ounce to 30 ml
Temperature = 98.6 F to 37 C
Y-site IV Compatibility
This app feature is very beneficial for nurses who are taking care of patients with one IV access. IV compatibility ensures that two medications that need to be infused at the same time in the one IV site have no interactions with each other for patient safety. For example, when you don’t want the medications to crystalize, coagulate, yield adverse effects, or decrease their effectiveness.
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