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“UMEBSNI has a HIPAA complaint application for video, voice and text between two iPad, iPhone, and/or Android device. The application has many uses besides typical inter-professional communication. One use could be bedside consults. The nurse calls the provider with a SBAR exclaiming that a patient is “breathing a little funny.” Unlike a text-based HIPAA application, the UMEBSNI applications enables the nurse to connect with the patient and a provider using video and audio. This could prevent a needless intervention or alert the provider to a worsening clinical course. Another use is within the academic setting. Telehealth has been a long-standing application for connecting the clinical supervisory faculty with the student in the clinical setting. The UME Telehealth application provides a cost-effective solution for every student having a common iPhone or Android intelligent phone to securely connect with supervisory faculty for evaluation or a teaching moment.”

David T. DNP, ACNP-C Assistant Clinical Professor Arizona University

“The Medication Management app is beneficial across all medical specialties. Enabling ease of use when it comes to medication compatibility and conversions. I am not the fastest when it comes to ‘public math’ so the app definitely helps out…”

Nathan H. BSN, RN

“Great for healthcare workers!! How do we get it?”

Gayle B. Sleep Technologist

“As a rep in the biomedical field, the Medication Management app is a useful tool that allows me to easily search medications, utilize conversion metrics and IV compatibility”

Tiffany S. Area Business Manager, Sanofi

“I am not in the healthcare field, but using the Medication Management app allowed me to look up my medications so I knew exactly what I was taking”

Mark P. Media & Marketing Specialist

“Medication Management app is an easy to use, straight forward, on-the-go application that saves me time when I quickly need to demonstrate a medications IV Y-site compatibility”

Todd S. Area Territory Manager Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.